Ocean Global in India supports the “blue revolution” and manufactures Biofloc tanks to make aquaculture a sustainable activity. Adhering to the highest production standards, we use high-quality non-migratory PVC polymer for the manufacture of biofloc tanks.


The biofloc technology in aquaculture is a tool for water quality management. It is an innovative and costeffective technology that enhances control of environmental factors in aquatic animal production. Biofloc tanks have a PVC coating that is suitable for various other purposes as well.



Salient Features

  • Biofloc tanks are highly durable with a long lifespan
  • They are easy to handle and install.
  • Cost-efficient
  • The biofloc tanks are UV stabilized and inert to most chemicals
  • Being lightweight, transportation is easy as well.
  • They are weather-proof.
  • Eco-friendly with limited or zero water exchange
  • Use of biofloc tanks leads to higher productivity and biosecurity
  • It reduces water pollution and the threat of pathogens


  • Fish farming
  • Shrimp farming
  • Other applications like rainwater collection
  • Water storage
  • Irrigation
  • Cost-effective feed production


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