Ocean Global in India manufactures Geocomposites that combine the best geosynthetic features and high-standard manufacturing methods to address specific applications in an optimal manner.


Geocomposites are geonets laminated on one or both sides with nonwoven geotextiles. An ecologically viable solution to traditional drainage materials, the geocomposites have varied widths.

The geocomposites are a combination of two or more geosynthetic materials. geonet-geotextile, geomembrane-geotextile, or geogrid-geotextile. The combination provides improved benefits over single geosynthetic layers and enhances their functionality.


The variety of geocomposites include: double-sided geocomposites, drainage geocomposites, high-strength geocomposites, polypropylene geocomposites, polyester geocomposites, fiberglass geocomposites, geocomposite drainage liners, and sheets.


Drainage, filtration, and separation.


Geocomposites find utility in the construction and civil engineering sectors for drainage applications. Highways, landfills.

Salient Features

  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Environment friendly
  • They can withstand lateral displacement under vertical or horizontal soil movement.
  • During installation, it leads to less soil displacement
  • Cost-effective replacement


  • In vertical applications like retaining walls, foundation, and chimney drainage, they reduce hydrostatic pressure. The geocomposites convey groundwater towards designated exit points.
  • In horizontal applications such as roof drainage, parking decks, balconies, and planting beds, also, geocomposites direct water to the exits and obliterate pooling and damage.
  • Drainage Geocomposites are a modern and costeffective substitute to the expensive traditional aggregate drainage systems.
  • They are ideal for drainage on slopes.
  • Geocomposites form a drainage layer in a multi-liner system.
  • They find utility as drain layers in landfills and ponds.
  • Drainage in landfill cap applications.
  • Excellent for gas vents under ponds.
  • Drainage in dam cores.
  • Geocomposites act as a leak detection layer.


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