Ocean Global is one of the leading premium quality Geo Tubes Manufacturer in India, from specifically designed dewatering geotextiles. Our Geo Tubes are cost-effective and versatile, and the most sought after choice for dewatering technology.


Geo tube dewatering containers are simple, with no complicated mechanics. The Geo tube dewatering containers use an engineered geotextile made of polypropylene multifilament and monofilament yarns. Depending on the volume, they come in different sizes. The adaptability of Geo Tubes allows even mounting them on mobile roll-off containers and transporting them as necessary.


Waste management, ports and marine, water resources, flood control, and mining.


Dewatering, reinforcement.

Salient Features

  • Geo tubes are inert to biological degradation and other naturally occurring chemicals.
  • They are versatile in applications and cost-effective in comparison to hard armored structures.
  • The Geo Tubes are ecologically safe with minimal impact on the environment.
  • They have a high UV resistance.
  • A high flow rate enables rapid dewatering.
  • Excellent seam strength allows the Geo Tubes to withstand pumping pressure.
  • Geo Tubes dewatering technology is the technology of choice for various organizations, large and small, globally.


  • Geo tubes enable a host of applications in marine work.
  • They are instrumental in protecting the shoreline and marine structures.
  • In the field of environmental engineering, the Geo Tubes are predominantly in use for sludge dewatering.
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants also use Geo Tubes.
  • Geo Tubes also find utility in marine remediation.
  • In the mining and mineral processing industry, too, Geo Tubes have varied uses, including recovering valuable materials.
  • Pulp & paper process
  • Oil extraction
  • Agriculture
  • Food and beverage
  • Construction and pipeline
  • Seepage dewatering

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