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Ocean Global in India has an unparalleled range of reliable and durable geosynthetic products. One of its many environment-conscious products is the plastic cell filled concrete for pavements or flexible concrete pavement. We are the best Plastic Cell Filled Concrete Manufacturer & Plastic Cell Filled Concrete Supplier India.


Plastic cell filled concrete blocks typically find utility in laying a pavement. It consists of a framework of HDPE or LDPE cells that are filled with grouted concrete or compacted concrete. This is a new technology offering design and flexibility for unpaved surfaces. It is an inexpensive alternative to laying concrete roads.


Base stabilization, erosion protection on embankments.


Laying roads.

Salient Features

  • Long-lasting
  • Low initial cost
  • Reduces rutting and is maintenance-free
  • Employment generation
  • High strength and sustainability
  • No cracking
  • Fast to deploy and install even in remote areas
  • Uses onsite fill, confines, and stabilizes soil.
  • Greatly extends pavement life
  • Permeable infill leads to cooler pavements


  • Most beneficial in rural areas.
  • It is essentially the best cost-efficient alternative solution to areas with technical challenges
  • Overlays on damaged tar roads
  • Pavements and footpaths
  • Container yards
  • Parking area for heavy vehicles
  • The plastic cell filled concrete finds excellent utility in road surface stabilization, road shoulder stabilization, or road base stabilization.

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