Rockfalls are a real threat, especially in areas with slopes and walls. Where conventional structures do not assure safety and give way, we at Ocean Global have solutions to mitigate rockfall hazards. Our rockfall protection products (made of high tensile steel wire) withstand low to high impact and are your ideal choice as barriers.


The rockfall protection products offer safety and security of infrastructure, people, mine works, and buildings. They prevent the rocks and debris from falling over and causing damage to life or property. The Rockfall protective products include Rockfall Drapes, Rockfall Barriers, Rockfall Fence, or Mesh Nets.

Rockfalls usually occur through natural phenomena like climate change, erosion, and heavy rains. The rockfall protection dissipates the energy of the falls and mitigates the severity.


Railways and roadways, slopes and walls, and mining.



Salient Features

  • Straightforward installation
  • High safety standards
  • Steel wire mesh that is lightweight with high tensile strength
  • Offers protection to life and property
  • Can withstand substantial loads traveling with a significant speed
  • Low deformation and extremely durable
  • Low anchoring force
  • Pre-assembled
  • Excellent corrosion protection to combat climatic conditions


  • Areas at natural risks for rockfall and landslides
  • Slope Protection
  • Rock stabilization

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