Ocean Global is professionally engaged in the production of premier-quality weld mesh gabions in India. Manufactured to meet high standards, the Ocean Global gabion assortment includes:

  • Gabion wire mesh box
  • PVC gabion box
  • Grid gabion box
  • Gabion mattress
  • Welded gabion baskets


Gabions are a tailor-made engineering solution made of metal wire, taking the form of a mesh. They are wire boxes filled with materials like stones (stone gabion boxes), concrete, or even sand and soil.

The lifespan of the wire mesh gabion box depends on the durability of the galvanized wires.


Roads and railways, sports and recreation, slopes and walls, waste, mining, ports and aviation, buildings, water, Landscaping


Erosion control, bank stabilization, Landscaping, Decoration

Salient Features

  • Durability: The galvanized wires utilized in gabion mesh boxes are corrosion and rust-resistant, and suitable for all weather conditions.
  • A PVC coated gabion box has a longer lifespan.
  • Weld mesh gabions offer a stable structure that does not succumb to deformity or cracks easily
  • The modular structure enables quick and easy installation.
  • Economical: They are low-cost and environment-friendly with the use of recycled materials to fill the gabions.
  • Flexibility: Weld mesh gabions are incredibly versatile and flexible, and can take various forms and shapes as per project needs.


  • As a retaining wall structures in highways or as architectural cladding for walls.
  • Weld mesh gabions find extensive use in landscape architecture, for gardens, yards, and homes. Decorative gabions find utility indoors and outdoors.
  • Gabion mattress finds utility in channel coating to prevent erosion.
  • Gabion baskets come in various sizes and find use in highways and railway works.
  • Gabion sacks are cylindrical and have a porous and flexible structure and typically find use in hydraulic works in emergencies.
  • As retaining walls, they comprise of stone gabion boxes stacked together.
  • Gabion wire mesh serves the purpose of maintaining slope stability close to highways and railways, preventing possible rock and stone fall (gabion box for road protection). They also serve the purpose of anti-erosion (gabion box for highway and bridges).
  • As cladding, the gabions provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing look to buildings.


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